Precision by Dynascales in a unique setting, at a Belgian chalk quarry

Recently, we installed with Dynascales 4 belt scales featuring our new double loadblocks. The benefits of our loadblocks included a fast and easy installation, enabling our client to become operational in a very short time. The precise measurements empowered the client to seamlessly track data, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the production process. Moreover, our client acquired real-time flow data through an Ethernet TCP connection, providing instant insights and control. [...]

Efficiency in food production with Dynascales 1014

In a dynamic food industry, our client aimed to enhance efficiency and precision. The solution? Our Dynascales 1014 weighing frame. This weighing frame provided an ideal solution for our client, featuring advanced functionalities: ✔ Accuracy: The weighing frame ensures utmost precision, a crucial aspect in the food industry to maintain quality standards. ✔ Automation: Automated weighing processes reduce errors and boost overall productivity. ✔ Real-time monitoring: quick response to deviations and quality issues. Thanks [...]

Successful Dynascales Loadblocks delivery to a customer

Recently, Dynascales successfully delivered materials to install a container on loadcells for one of our customers in the waste processing sector. This enables them to efficiently weigh waste materials and further optimize their processes. The Dynascales team provided a customized solution tailored to our customer. By delivering high-quality weighing equipment, we contribute to accurate and reliable waste weighing, allowing our customer to manage their operations more effectively.

Efficiency and precision boost with Dynascales cutting-edge belt scale in agribusiness

Facing the challenge of weighing horse manure in corrosive ammonia-rich conditions, Dynascale stepped in with a game-changing solution - the Weighing Frame 1014. Why did this company choose for Dynascales? ✔ Robust construction: The inner frame with precision load cells ensures accuracy without moving parts. ✔ Reliable Speed Sensor: The WIS526 stainless steel speed sensor thrives in all conditions, providing crucial speed data for precise weighing. ✔ Integrator Excellence (WI301): The heart of the [...]

Dynascales goes international, thanks to their partner Masanes!

Our valued partner Masanés Servindustria will be present at the fair Exposolidos, a fair that takes place from 6th to 8th February in Barcelona. Exposolidos is an international exhibition for the technology and processing of solids: a leading trade fair in southern Europe, specialized in the handling and processing of Solids, bulk materials, dry powder, semi solids and solids-liquid separation. Will you be there? Then sure bring a visit to their booth! #E267 More info:

Discover Dynascales – Dynascale 1042

Proud to have once again contributed to the following project: One of our customers has recently implemented our Dynascale model 1042. This frame is designed for precise weighing on conveyors with flat rollers and is frequently used in food and tobacco applications. The Dynascale weighing frame has been successfully integrated into the processes, contributing to the precision and efficiency of their operations in the tobacco industry and other sectors. Model 1042 can be used [...]

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