NSR66-BM Switches

NSR66-BM Belt Misalignment Switch is a conveyor belt safety accessory that prevents damages to belts and equipment due to a misalignment condition of the conveyor belt systems. The NSR66-BM switches will allow you to reduce the downtime and maintenance associated costs

Features NSR22-BM

  • Cast Aluminum Body

  • It is resistant to blow and heavy conditions.

  • 2NO / 2NC Angular Contact mechanism

  • Suitable assembly structure in USA field plant

  • It has CE and EAC Standards.

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Features NSR66-BM

Materials used:

The robust die-cast aluminum housing with an epoxy-based powder coating and all stainless-steel external hardware.

Uses and Applications:

If the belt begins to deviate, it makes contact with the roller arm causing it to spin. As more force is applied to the roller arm, it will rotate away from the normal position.

At a 10°, it will actuate the first alarm SPDT microswitch. The first microswitch will annunciate the alarm condition to the control system.

If the belt continues to track off, it will cause the roller arm to rotate from its 10° position to the 20°position. In this case, the second alarm SPDT microswitch will be activated. This second microswitch is wired into the motor starter of the conveyor belt to shut it down.

Safety Features:

The heavy-duty rugged design makes them suitable for most industrial applications that require long-term reliable equipment.

General Description:

They are normally placed 0,50m -1,80m from the head and tail pulley on both sides of the belt. The roller arm positioned approximately 2,54cm from the normal belt position.

Certifications and Standards:

The microswitch used in products is VDE approved. All KBT Electric products are produced in accordance with CE and EAC standards.


Technicial Specifications

Enclosure​ Aluminium Casting
Micro Switch Rating 250 VAC 15A / 24 VDC 10A
Output Signal (2) SDPT Alarm and Stop
Cable Entry 2 x M25
Temperature Rating -45°C to +80°C
Contact Angles 15° and 25°
Protection Class IP67
Enclosure Color Yellow (RAL 1012)
Weight 4.3 Kg
Mounting Orientation It is suitable for double-sided use.
Impact Rating IK09 (EN 62262)
Warranty Period 24 Months

Safety Standards

Electrical Safety EN 60947
Mechanical Safety EN 60204
Outdoor Safety EN 60529
Impact Resistance EN 62262
Certificates CE, EAC
Micro switches are VDE approved.


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