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The Dynascales belt weighers is a precision weighing system designed by Weighing & Inspection and specifically for the sand and gravel industry. It offers accurate and reliable measurement of bulk materials transported on conveyor belts, enabling efficient monitoring and control of production processes. The Dynascale belt weigher consists of a weighing frame, load cells, speed sensor, and a controller unit. It is installed on the conveyor belt and measures the weight of the material passing over it in real-time. The load cells accurately sense the weight of the material, while the speed sensor measures the belt speed. The controller unit calculates and displays the instantaneous flow rate, totalized weight, and other relevant data.

Why Dynascales In Sand & Gravel applications?

The Dynascales belt weighers offers several advantages for sand and gravel operations:

1.1 Accurate and Reliable Weighing:

The belt weigher provides highly accurate and reliable measurements of the material flow. This accuracy is crucial for determining production rates, inventory control, and ensuring compliance with customer specifications.

1.2 Real-time Monitoring and Control:

With the Dynascale belt weigher, operators can monitor the flow rate, totalized weight, and other parameters in real-time. This allows for immediate adjustments to optimize production, reduce material waste, and ensure consistent product quality.

1.3 Process Optimization:

By providing real-time data, the belt weigher enables process optimization. Operators can identify bottlenecks, adjust belt speeds, and optimize feed rates to maximize throughput and minimize downtime.

1.4 Inventory Management:

Accurate weighing data from the belt weigher helps in precise inventory management. By tracking the material flow, operators can maintain optimal stock levels, avoid shortages, and plan for future production requirements.

1.5 Integration and Connectivity:

The Dynascale belt weigher can be seamlessly integrated into existing control systems and plant automation. It supports various communication protocols, allowing easy data exchange with other equipment and management systems for comprehensive process control.

1.6 Reliability and Durability:

Designed for rugged industrial environments, the belt weigher is built to withstand harsh conditions commonly found in the sand and gravel industry. It is resistant to dust, moisture, vibrations, and temperature variations, ensuring reliable operation and minimal downtime.

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