CB-39 Series Tilt Switch

Tilt Switch Probes are electro-mechanical tilt sensors designed for sensing bulk materials presence or absence at the location of installation. Typical applications include high and low level detection and detection of plugged conditions in chutes. Also used for detecting the conditions of bulk material on conveyor belts.

KBT Tilt Switch are made from two materials for different applications: The SS series with stainless steel body and the CB series which are made metal cast to meet heavy working conditions. Depending on the applications, can be supplied with a dedicated control unit or can be directly integrated in existing control system.

Features CB-39

KBT Tilt Switches have two different output options.

– Standard NC tilt switches which can be used as standalone or be paired with our control units, can detect tilted and vertical positions.

– Electronic output switches can only be used by pairing with a control unit and have the ability to detect status for tilted, vertical, fault and short circuit status. With the added advantage of having a fault relay, you can detect problems earlier with electronic models and prevent loss and downtime.

Control Units 

We have 2 different control units. They are compatible with both the NC tilt switches and the tilt switches with the electronic output. They are available in field-mount and DIN mounting. Field-mount can be in thermo plastic or stainless steel

Application examples

  • Pluggeld chute
  • Flow indicator
  • High Level
  • Low Level
  • Material flow

Options Tilt switches

  • BF: Ball Float. 4″ by standard, custom dimensions are available. Useful with low-density material.
  • WP: Wear Plate. Used to lengthen the probe or to protect the probe body.
  • EP: Extension Plate. Useful for flow detection applications.
  • CP: Cross Paddle. Used for flowing material.
  • HT: High Temperature, -40 °C – 180 °C
  • C1: Cable Protection, braided steel conduit.
  • C2: Cable Protection, interlocked hose conduit.
  • Robust and resistant
  • Full in Nickel plated ductile iron casting
  •  Simple Installation
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Mercury and non-mercury options
  • NC or electronic output options
  • Control units to monitor your applications
  •  Delay options to prevent false alarms
  • IP67 protection class
  •  Probe extensions are available for application needs
  • Cable protection options reduce the risk of a failure
  • Crushing plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Asphalt plants
  • Mining
  • Cement plants
  • Coal and iron ore handling
  • Paper mills
  • Gypsum factories
  • Sand and gravel companies
  • Ore extraction
  • Loading and unloading facilities


CB-39 Series
Weight 0.95 kg (2.1 kg with cable)
Protection class IP67
Certificate CE
Enclosure Nickel plates ductile iron casting
Contact capacity CB-39s: 120 VAC – 12.5 A
CB-39A : 120 VAC – 1.5 A
CB-39NM : 60 V – 0.25A
Hazardous Area Atex 21/22  Optional


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