Regardless of the accuracy capability of the scale design, it is unlikely that these devices will
perform as promised if simple maintenance procedures are not strictly adhered to. The following
are some recommended maintenance checks to ensure optimum performance of your belt
scale system.


  • Scale Area – Debris                     Daily                           Clean scale area. Determine cause of debris and take steps to remedy
  • Zero Cal                                        Daily                           Perform Auto Zero. Accept and record any changes. If change is >0.25%, identify
    cause and correct.
  • Idler roll condition                      Weekly                       Inspect idlers for wear / damage. Replace rolls or bearings as needed
  • Span Cal Perform                        Weekly                       Auto SPAN simulated load tests. Check repeatability.
  • Belt Scraper                                  Weekly                       Check operation, adjust or replace blades if worn
  • Belt Condition                              Monthly                     Visual inspection for cuts, tears or worn edges
  • Speed Pulley                                 Monthly                     Inspect for wear, material build-up, belt wrap. Check bearings
  • Speed Sensor                                Monthly                     Inspect coupling for tightness, wobble and corrosion